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Master's in Strategic Leadership for Ministry

El Alfarero offers a Professional Master's Degree in Strategic Ministerial Leadership with two possible specialisms, one in Biblical Counselling and the other in Developing Self-sustaining Projects in association with the Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL) who will recognize the Master's Degree.

The Master's Programme (El Aprendiz) is designed to holistically prepare men and women who have a call to ministry. El Aprendiz seeks to integrate servants, services and ministries within a transformative community in a strategic and practical way.

We offer 2 versions of the Master’s programme, one which is 100% online and allows Spanish speakers living in all parts of the world the opportunity to study with us, and one that is 100% face to face for those who can come to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Download our face-to-face and online timetables for 2024.

How does it work?

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El Aprendiz is based on individual mentoring relationships, which allow change and transformation at a heart-level and not just intellectually. The programme consists of 20 basic subjects in 6 study areas that combine the theoretical with the practical. 

These 6 areas are Spirituality, Bible, Leadership, Biblical Counselling, Administration, and Contextualization. In addition, students will have other modules in their area of ​​specialty or major. A maximum of 20 students will be accepted annually in the online programme and 20 in the face-to-face programme to allow personal care for each of them.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the classes, each student of the full Masters Programme has to meet 5 extra requirements:

• A weekly one-hour mentoring appointment

• Three hours of weekly volunteering in a project or ministry

• Intentional evangelism at least once a month

• Attend the El Aprendiz meetings

• Form a support team and write a prayer letter every 3 months.


Modules included in El Aprendiz

Although our intake for the whole programme is capped at 20, each class can be taken by the general public separately, making it accessible to leaders, pastors and missionaries who want to continue growing in an integral way without having to do the full Master's Degree, and more recently a number of the classes are available online. 

Visit the Sucre or Santa Cruz pages for courses going on there, or sign up to online courses on-demand wherever you are.



Workshops include:

  • Deepening Your Intimacy with God

  • The Role and Value of a Mentor

  • Working from a Place of Rest

Holding Hands

Biblical Counselling

Workshops include:

  • Intensive Prayer

  • Making the Most of your Differences

  • Conflict Transformation

Bible Lessons


Workshops include:

  • Transformational Discipleship

  • Romans

  • Holistic Missions

Office Work


Workshops include:

  • Vision and Project Development

  • Marketing 101

Public Speaker


Workshops include:

  • Character and Identity of a Leader

  • Relational Leadership

  • Transformational Teaching



Workshops include:

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Latin-American Worldview

  • Expo-Evangelism conference


Instructors on El Aprendiz

Our instructors for each module and workshop are experienced in their field. Click on an image to find out more about them.


Hear from previous El Aprendiz students

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"El Aprendiz was more than training or a development programme. It was a journey of discovery of God's purposes in my life and my place in mission."

- Rolando, 2016 Graduate

Get in touch with us

Feel free to visit us, write to us, or find us on social media. We'd love to connect with you.

  • Facebook - Aprendiz

Associates of El Aprendiz

Our associates are ministries and organisations whose vision aligns with ours, and who we partner with in different ways.

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Other services at El Alfarero International

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