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El Alfarero Counselling Centre

La Paz

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El Alfarero provides free counselling services to university students and young people in crisis, and at a small cost to the wider public in La Paz.

Through our counselling centre, individuals in difficult situations can receive can receive support and advice when they most need it.

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About counselling at El Alfarero

What is counselling?

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Counselling allows you to talk about problems and difficult feelings in a confidential and safe space. We'll talk with you individually in private, and we will listen to you and ask questions rather than tell you what to do.

What topics are commonly covered?

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We're used to talking about challenging topics like depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse, addictions and relationship breakdown. We want you to know that you are not alone in your situation, no matter how difficult it seems.

Who can sign up for counselling?

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Counselling is free for students in Santa Cruz. It is also open to the general public, who pay a small fee for each hour to support our ministry financially.

How can I become a counsellor?

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We are constantly training volunteer counsellors so that young people in crisis can receive qualified and capable help. Get in touch using the form below to talk about next steps for getting trained.

Residence for Young Women

Through our Residence for Young Women at El Alfarero La Paz, we provide a safe community that supports the growth of the future female leaders of the future.

The familiar environment of the residence functions as a support system, and living this experience with others helps to build healthy and deep relationships.


Come and visit us

We'd love to connect with you, whether you're a student or not! Get directions to our building, or join our community on social media.

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Other services at El Alfarero La Paz

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