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El Alfarero Events Centre

La Paz

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Through our Events Centre we provide clients with a quality experience and infrastructure for their events. We also offer co-working space in our building.

All our income from events and coworking is reinvested in the lives of young people in La Paz, and our building is environmentally friendly.

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Why host your event with El Alfarero?

To enjoy a quality service and infrastructure

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We have event rooms of different sizes, all equipped with modern infrastructure including Wifi, presentation equipment, lighting controls, air conditioning, and more. 

Along with the infrastructure, we offer quality service. This includes professional catering staff, as well as other support on hand in the building during your event.

To invest in the youth of La Paz

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We have a direct impact on the lives of university students in La Paz. By hosting your event with us, you are making a difference for the youth of our city through your investment.

To support our wider organisation

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Our events centre is the income generator which makes our wider organisation financially sustainable. We provide services such as a cafe, counselling, a library, and training courses. Your event supports these.


Event spaces at El Alfarero La Paz

Salón Jeremías

Espacio Cantares

Café Alfarero

Event spaces
Lobby and front desk in the El Alfarero building in Santa Cruz

Co-working space at El Alfarero

Our rentable offices are ideal for professionals who need a corporate space to grow initiatives or host meetings.

The office spaces have Wi-fi, comfortable desks and chairs, air conditioning, display screens, and private parking.

Co-working space can be used alongside other event facilities like projectors, whiteboards, and on-site catering services.


Come and visit us

We'd love to connect with you, whether you're a student or not! Get directions to our building, or join our community on social media.

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Other services at El Alfarero La Paz

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One woman praying for another woman
Woman studying in a classroom
Two bookshelves full of books in a library
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