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Supporting students and growing leaders in Latin America

Our vision: We dream of university students and leaders transformed by the work of God whose needs are satisfied holistically, while becoming leaders of integrity.

Our mission: We respond to the supreme call of God, accompanying university students and leaders, bringing them light and hope, satisfying their spiritual, emotional, social and economic needs.

Working with local communities in Bolivia

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Since El Alfarero was founded in 2001, thousands of students and leaders have been impacted through our work. We currently have centres in the three Bolivian cities of Sucre, Santa Cruz, and La Paz.

We offer a range of services to meet student's needs holistically, including a cafe, counselling services, and a library. Courses and events help the projects sustain themselves financially.

Visit each local El Alfarero's own page using the buttons below:

Local Alfareros
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Preparing leaders for international impact

Through El Alfarero International, we run several programmes to equip leaders to have an impact in areas they are passionate about.

El Aprendiz - Masters in Strategic Leadership for Ministry

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The Masters in Strategic Leadership for Ministry (El Aprendiz) is designed to prepare professionals for ministry in Latin America.

Our leadership programmes include:

AYLA - Mission Training School for Latins

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AYLA prepares Latin Americans for cross-cultural mission work, through a focus on deepening their relationship with God first.

Consulting & Training for Businesses

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Through our consulting arm we provide training and guidance to businesses who want to invest in their people and improve organizational culture.

Thinkific - Online Courses

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Through the Thinkific platform, we've made specific workshops from our El Aprendiz and Ayla programmes accessible globally.

Alfarero International
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Help us to keep making an impact

We support university students and leaders as they experience God's transformational work in their lives - but we can't do that unless we are supported financially as an organisation.

Your generosity can help us to keep making an impact on the lives of those we serve. If you are able to, please consider donating to allow El Alfarero to continue doing God's work in Bolivia and beyond.

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The journey of El Alfarero

El Alfarero began in the city of Sucre in the year 2001. Since that time, thousands of students and leaders have been impacted through the services that El Alfarero offers.

In Sucre, the project is now held in great esteem by the students, the churches and the authorities of the city. 

Santa Cruz is the second El Alfarero project and has been functioning since 2013, while El Alfarero La Paz opened in 2021. All three projects offer the same range of services, to meet the needs of students holistically.

Through El Alfarero International, we serve leaders in many different spheres. We run a Professional Master's Programme, an Integral Missions Training School, as well as a Consultancy offering training to business leaders.

About El Alfarero

Contact El Alfarero

Reach out to any of our local centres or our international arm using the button below. We're excited to hear from you!

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