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"People are not the most important part of your business. They are your business."

- Ken Blanchard

We're experts at building a thriving organisational culture, based on the development of the skills and personal value of   your people.

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Our approach to leadership

Our workshops focus on "transformational leadership", a leadership style which emphasises knowing yourself, prioritising relationships, and treating others as individuals.

This allows community to develop, and improves effectiveness in the workplace. A balance between productivity and relationships is vital if we are to be leaders with integrity.


Workshops for businesses

Our business workshops can be delivered in three different formats, each with their benefits and unique features. Each format is collaborative, reflective, and action-oriented.

Hear from our existing clients

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"Finding an organization like El Alfarero and collaborating with great synergy was an excellent experience. They have enabled us to help a large number of students who need someone to listen to them and advise them; finding a place where they feel cared for."

Paola Pericón de Chazal

Regional Rector

Universidad Privada Domingo Savio

Mentoring for business leaders

The goal of mentoring is to support the application of concepts from transformational leadership in the long-term. We'll support you as you make changes to the way you manage your people.

Examples of deliverables we can work with you create are:

  • Performance management agreements and evaluations

  • Individual development plans

  • Internal communication campaigns

  • Organisational culture transformation plans


Get in touch with us

Feel free to visit us, write to us, or find us on social media. We'd love to connect with you.

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Other services at El Alfarero International

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