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On Saturday we had the course which was taught jointly between Campus Crusade, Youth with a Mission, Movida and Alfarero about how to share your faith effectively. We had almost 100 people participating. It was a great blessing for a number of reasons: Cooperation between organizations, learning from one another and complementing one another;  Making commitments to work together in the future; Training people to be more effective in sharing their faith in ways that today’s generation can relate to; Seeing the Alfarero staff work together to make the event a success logistically as well as participating in learning.
Following on from this event we are looking at working together in 4 different evangelistic initiatives this year:

  • An emphasis on evangelism in the state university coordinated by Cruzada in March, April and May.

  • Two days of evangelism before Easter coordinated by Alfarero and JUCUM

  • The International Evangelism Day (May 30th) coordinated by JUCUM

  • Two days of evangelism before the equivalent of Valentine`s Day in September coordinated by Alfarero and Movida.

This week Cruzada will also begin holding weekly meetings in our main conference facility to reach out to university students.
Praise God for the partnerships that are developing and the opportunity to work together to share the hope that we have.



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