Social experiment

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Social experiment

A Social experiment is defined as the exposure of the key elements of behavior, prejudices and stereotypes. Also it is used to investigate how someone behaviors influence the behavior of a group or internal states, such as attitude or concept itself.

In UAGRM and El Alfarero, we are presenting to the young people, this social experiment that takes them to reflect on their life and their relationship with God and others, we use a tool graciously shared by our friends of Campus Crusade and we believe it is a spectacular postmodern instrument, its name is Solarium.

The Solarium has opened talks and shocking realities before us. Young people experiencing pain and abandonment, even when they appear before our eyes as if nothing happened, they open their hearts with the desire to restore their lives and pursue their dreams.

Our desire in El Alfarero is to walk with these young people to their freedom and fulfillment

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