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Rodrigo is 22 and joined the Alfarero team as a kitchen assistant towards the end of last year. He has had an extremely difficult life, growing up without a father and with an unreliable mother who has spent time in prison. He has had to fend for himself, on various occasions not having anywhere to sleep or anything to eat. He has come alive this year, beginning in the retreat when he was able to share his life story and tell us about the birth of his son Thiago.  He is not with the mother of his son, but is wanting to give his son a different life to the one that he experienced and to be very present in his life. God has been calling Him into an intimate relationship with Himself, and showing Rodrigo that He is the Father who is always at his side. We took a risk of promoting Rodrigo to head pastry chef this year and he has risen to the challenge. There is so much potential in this young man, and so much hurt that needs to be healed and restored.

Please join us in praying for Rodrigo and his son Thiago, that God would heal and restore the hurts of the past, and that he would grow strong in his relationship with God the Father. 

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