Praying on Campus

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 | 0 comments

Praying on Campus

Last Wednesday we took a group of ten staff onto the state university campus to put into practice what we had been learning in our evangelism training.  We used two different strategies, one is a series of images that provoke conversations about how people see themselves, their lives, their dreams and their perception of God (called aSolarium). The second strategy is to have a banner offering prayer with some chairs for people to sit in who want to receive prayer.
We were amazed at how open people were to talk and also to ask for prayer.  In one hour we were able to pray for 29 people and have some significant conversations (almost like mini-counselling appointments). It was wonderful to see all three members of the accounting team, our head chef and one of our cooks all participate wholeheartedly alongside leaders and Aprendiz students, and love the experience.
We have decided that we will go for an hour each week and allow different members of the team to participate as well as the counsellors, board and trainee counsellors.

Pray for those that we spoke to and prayed for, especially Noemi who decided to re-commit her life to Christ.  Pray for this coming Wednesday, that we would be able to bless people, minister to them and that they would experience God`s love. 

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