Growing Impact

Posted on Feb 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Growing Impact

We have now started the new academic year and currently have 11 students in the Masters Programme, El Aprendiz, with more praying about applying. Our limit is for 20 students since part of the course involves weekly mentoring time and we need to make sure that we have the time to really walk with each student in their process of transformation.  It has been really encouraging to see the number of students increase and to receive applications from some more experienced students, including one of the leaders Campus Crusade.  The picture above shows the Directors of Movida Bolivia who are also praying about applying.
We had a good start to the year with a BBQ and orientation day on Saturday 30th January and are now teaching 4 courses per week.  We have confirmed over 20 teachers for the different courses in the programme and this Saturday we have a breakfast for all of them to give them a chance to meet one another and begin to develop more of a community of teachers.

Praise God for the new students and increased interest in the Masters Programme.  Praise God, too, for the teachers who have committed to supporting us in teaching the different courses.  Pray that the community of El Aprendiz would continue to develop and that God would be transforming lives.

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