Aprendices 2015

Posted on Feb 26, 2015 | 0 comments

Aprendices 2015

This week was the orientation for the new year of studies in the Master’s Programme ‘El Aprendiz’. We enjoyed a special time together on Wednesday when each student was able to share about what they had learned in 2014 and how they were feeling about 2015. We were also able to relax together and have fun. We now have 7 students: Fernanda Kuajara, Gary Chavez, Yngry Justiniano, Lauren Salces, Rolando Campos, Monica Martin and Aquiles Davalos. This year they will each be writing a monthly update/prayer letter in Spanish. If you would like to receive an update for any of the students in particular or are interested in specifically praying for one of them or supporting them financially, please let us know. In the next few Noticias! messages we will be focusing on each one in turn so that you can get to know them and how God is working in them and where He might be calling them.
Please pray for the start of the new year. Classes begin this week.

Pray that each student would be open to what God wants to teach them and how He wants to heal and transform them.

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