Apprentice Program

The Masters in Strategic Leadership with an emphasis in youth ministries (El Aprendiz) began in 2014 in partnership with the Global University for Lifelong Learning who is recognizing the Masters Programme. ( El Aprendiz is designed to prepare men and women for youth ministry in Latin America.

The Masters Programme seeks to strategically integrate servants, services and ministries in a practical and transforming community.
El Aprendiz is based around individual mentoring relationships which enable change and transformation at a heart level and not just a head level. The programme comprises 30 modules based around 6 areas of study and combining theory and practice. The 6 areas are Spirituality, Bible, Leadership, Biblical Counselling, Administration and Contextualization. A maximum of 12 students will be accepted each year in order to give them personalized attention.


The Programme can be accessed in 2 different ways:

  • Full-time study of 12-18 months followed by a practical project

  • A maximum of 5 years of part-time study which includes the practical project

Each module of the programme is also open to the public. All teaching is in Spanish.


“This is a unique course unlike any I have seen throughout the university world (globally), seeking to reach out, transform and build communities through biblical, holistic values. The focus on personal development, leadership dynamics, biblical counselling, cultural relevance and Christ-centred communities is both exciting and critical for today’s society.”

Emma Brewster, SIM International Coordinator for Engaging the University



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