About Us



Our Cause

A project designed to meet student’s needs, through the cafe, the counselling centre, the pregnancy crisis centre, the refuge for young women, the library and the courses (all within a Christian, Biblical context).


Our Areas of Focus


El Alfarero tries to meet student’s needs in a holistic manner, helping them on different levels physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through our volunteering system, we give constant coaching and mentoring to young people in need, with our expressed objective of raising up leaders of character.


El Alfarero is a non-profit organisation, legally registered as such with the Bolivian authorities. All incomes to the project help to make the project self-sustaining.


Our History

El Alfarero began in the city of Sucre in the year 2001. Since that time, thousands of students have been impacted through the services that El Alfarero offers, and in Sucre, the project is now held in great esteem by the students, the churches and the authorities of the city. Santa Cruz is the second El Alfarero project, and has been functioning since 2013, offering the same range of services to meet the needs of students holistically.